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Looking beyond the imperfections
oh boy... 
23rd-Jul-2010 11:26 pm
Cas kissed a girl
long time no see! haven't updated this in forever. last post is about germany winning against Australia in the soccer world cup xD Yeah, so we're 3rd (again?! D:) but it's okay. They played an awesome turnament and NOBODY thought we'd get that far with a team this young :) I'm very proud of them :D They'll just get better and better and I'm pretty sure we'll win a big tournament soon :)

Okay, so besides that, some things happened in my life!
First of all I finished High school with an A-average on my Abitur, which is pretty damn awesome :) Got accepted to college (well, FH Düsseldorf) as well, so that's pretty much awesome

And right now, I'm in San Diego, visiting nightfawkes ♥ who totally turned me into a Supernatural whore XD Damn her!! LOL. We already watched 2.5 seasons now, we're in the middle of 3rd and I CANNOT WAIT for S4 when Castiel comes along ♥ Mishaa!

Talking about SPN, have you seen this video? It's hilarious. Oh, how I love you Dane Cook!

Okay so tonight I'ma go party in LA. Yaay! :D
3rd-Aug-2010 01:22 am (UTC)
Das wir aber auch immer die selben Serien gut finden...wir müssen uns echt mal wieder treffen wenn du zurück bist. Ich weiß ich versprech es schon zu lange.

Dean ist schon ne geile Sau. Hahaha ich hab mal so ne geile Verarsche Fan Ficition von Supernatural gelesen...muss mal schauen ob ich die noch finde.

WAT? San Diego? Du Glückspils!
3rd-Aug-2010 02:51 am (UTC)
wir haben halt nen super geschmack ;D guckst du denn auf deutsch oder englisch? ^^ bzw bei welcher staffel biste?

Deeean! XD das sind alles geile säue, man. Dean, Sammy, Castiel. UGH.
Random :D

Crack!fic? Immer her damit! XDD

jah ende august bin ich wieder da, und dann hab ich bis ich im september mit uni anfang noch viel zeit ^^
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